Shipping and Purchase

 Shipping process

We are a international cattery and our kittens are now with new families all over the world. Each state in USA, Canada, most countries of Europe, UK, Arab countries, even Australia!

You do not need to worry about the process, because here we do all necessary documents. In the end, you only pickup the kitten. But here are all steps of how shipping works:

-we do all documents including passport, health certificate etc.

-kittens are delivered to airport or courier, depending on their final destination.

-if kittens go to USA or Canada , they will have a stop in Amsterdam or Warsaw where a vet check all pets before they travel again to their final destination. If kitten go to Europe , UK etc traveling is direct, but of course they are checked by vet here before they travel and exam appear in kitten’s passport.

*to US / Canada , shipping is by airplane. Some states require a broker. Additional info in message, for your exact location.

-during shipping, cats have ALWAYS food and water !!! And in all cases a constant temperature.

-in the end, depending on your location, you pickup from airport or if is a courier in your city or close city to a meeting place.

Purchase process 

In order to reserve a kitten, a deposit must be placed. In case that the kitten is not ready yet, we can agree on a payment plan until shipping will be possible. In case that the kitten  is ready, we will start looking for a shipping day and a reservation once we have a deposit. For both options, payment must be full covered until a week before shipping (or at least 5 business days).

In case of a kitten bought as pet, we will spay/neutered prior shipping. This also will happen once the kitten is full paid.

Once we have the deposit, a contract will be done and you will receive it on email or with the kitten.

Payment methods: Western Union , MoneyGram, Paypal , Wire transfer or Wise transfer.

Waiting list 

In case that you want to join our waiting list, will be required a fee of 100€ (not included to kitten’s cost). You can pick to do also regular payments until you decide it is time to pick a kitten.

*all payments are non-refundable and once you purchase a kitten you agree to this.

*payments are refundable in case of a dead kitten before we ship and of course you can either replace the kitten or we will refund you completely.

*any extra tests must be separately paid (Like HCM scans or blood work, etc)

*kitten and shipping must be full paid prior shipping

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