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Sphynx Jasper

Jasper the Sphynx is the second kitten we have from Diana. He settled in so quickly and has such confidence. All our other cats loved him instantly and he has the biggest purr! We highly recommend cats and kittens from Diana. They are so loving, have been superbly bred and socialised and are so healthy. The process of getting Jasper was a smooth and very easy process too. Diana was so helpful from the start to when Jasper arrived. Thank you Diana

Paul Savage

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We are Cattery Nightfall Legend, TICA and FIFe registered and more than anything , breeding is our passion. We started breeding Canadian Sphynx back in 2013 and added the Lykoi breed in 2018. We are the first Lykoi breeders in Romania and Moldova. In 2021, the Elf breed joined our family and now we are complete.

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