Food and Diet

   Once we send you the kitten, you decide what kind of food you want to offer. But, keep in mind that their diet have much to do with their life quality. 

   A premium food is what we always recommend! Here is what we feed our adults and baby kittens. 

   Our adults receive Royal Canin Show. Well, this is a professional dry food that we, as registered breeders receive. But a very good replacement is Royal Canin Hair&Skin Care. Then, when our queens get pregnant, they receive Royal Canin Queen and will keep eatting it even while they feed their kittens. 

    Our kittens receive Royal Canin Mother&Baby Cat starting with 4 weeks old and will keep receiving it until they join a new family. In some cases we replace with Royal Canin Kitten for older kittens. So this is also what we advise you to do. 

  But remember, if you change food, must do it slowly! First week, mix old type of food with the new one 70/30 , next week 50/50 and the 3rd week 30/50. Basically, within a month your cat should be able to eat only the new type of food that you want to offer. Note: diarrhea is very common in this transition period. Don’t hesitate to message us if any other changes appear. Or you can always call your vet to make sure you receive an extra advice. 

   Other possible type of food would be raw or dry food grain free. Please keep in mind, that raw food is a complex procedure and you must do lots of research before starting offering it to your cat. 

   But hey, we are here to help you if you have any other questions! 

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