About us 

We are a family that loves cats and wish to offer you a very loving and healthy kitty 

Who we are

The cattery whose priority is the health of cats and their well-being inside of our family 

We are Cattery Nightfall Legend, TICA and FIFe registered and more than anything , breeding is our passion. We started breeding Canadian Sphynx back in 2013 and added the Lykoi breed in 2018. We are the first Lykoi breeders in Romania and Moldova. In 2021, the Elf breed joined our family and now we are complete. 

     All of our cats live in our house , close to our kids and most important, never caged. This makes a safe place for new kittens to be born and for us nothing is more satisfying than knowing the fact that we are growing healthy gorgeous kittens, that later will join a new loving family that will be happy with our work. References speak for us since 2013 and we are very proud of all our achievements, not only having beautiful and healthy litters, but also with excellent results in cat competitions. 


All of our breeding cats are yearly scanned for HCM, by a cardiologist. Also, before they start breeding, a series of tests are done :









*we are up to test any of our kittens also in case future families ask for it, we only please ask to be covered the tests costs. 

What do we offer to your future kitten 

   The kittens will be litter trained, well socialized including with our dogs and children. We introduce solid food at age of 4 weeks old, but they will continue breast feeding until 14-16 weeks old when they will be able to join a new family. Check our feeding method in section “Care info” please. 

    By the time they join a new home, they will be full vaccinated (2 shots against FHV,FPV and FCV, each at 8 and 12 weeks old + rabic shot at 12 weeks old) , dewormed, chipped, with passport, TICA pedigree registration and contract with health guarantee. The health guarantee includes HCM health guarantee. Our contract guarantee the replacement with a new cat if the kitten die from a viral/fungal disease within 21 days , hereditary diseases within a year or HCM within 3 years. 

  You will be able to choose the name of your kitten

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