About Lykoi


     The Lykoi have a gene that is unique to the breed that causes not only the roan pattern (an intermix of normal color hair with white hair), but also the pattern balding of the hair coat.

      Some may look more naked like a Sphynx while others can look almost completely coated. Some have better masks, and some have thicker coats. The Lykoi do keep some characteristics more consistently.

     The ears and nose are always hairless, there is roaning in the coat, and the feet are sparsely haired. These characteristics do not change no matter the extremity of the molt.

      Their coat color can be any color that a normal cat can be. The black is the standard which is the color that most people see and recognize as the werewolf cat. Black roan is also the only color that can be shown.

     Even though the Lykoi are a special breed, they do not require different kinds of special care. Since they are from the domestic cat, they are treated like a domestic cat. They can eat normal cat food, use the same litter and litter box, and stay in the same bedding as normal domestic cats.

     They are not hypoallergenic and most people with allergies to cats will have allergies to Lykoi.


      The behaviors of the Lykoi are slightly different that other cats. They enjoy having people around, they love to be petted, and they love play interaction with people.

When there are multiple Lykoi in a room, they tend to play and track like a pack.

      Their behaviors are why many people have called them a more dog like breed than many other cat breeds. But, in the end, they are still cats, and you will see much of their lives acting like housecats.

5 Facts about Lykois

  • there are less than 150 standard Lykoi in the world, and that number includes both pets and breeding animals;
  • they are VERY active cats;
  • they do not have specific diseases;
  • they can change their look very fast, giving you the feeling of owning another cat over and over again;
  • their coat is very soft.

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